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GOYA cultivates & upholds inclusive, accessible, safe, qualified, equitable standards in yoga education.


At GOYA, the CommUNITY forum is a haven for those with shared passions to connect, exchange ideas, evolve, and flourish in an environment that values privacy, quality, and mutual respect.

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Members enjoy free access to the GOYA Academy. Dive into online conferences, engage in live chats, explore workshops, and much more. Your holistic learning journey is just a click away!

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about us

Forged from Experience, Crafting Better Pathways

The Global Online Yoga Association, GOYA, emerged from a palpable void that we, as yoga educators, recognized in the contemporary yoga landscape. In a landscape dominated by the monopoly, we saw the pressing need for a fresh, dynamic entity. 

This wasn't about introducing just another name into the mix; it was about creating an organization deeply rooted in genuine inclusivity and adaptability. Where others have maintained a one-size-fits-all approach, we envisioned a space that celebrated diverse voices, methodologies, and traditions.

The traditional paradigms of yoga education and standards often seemed rigid, not evolving with the times or the diverse needs of practitioners. The onset of the pandemic underscored this urgency, leaving teachers and schools grappling to adjust in unprecedented times.

Without adequate guidance or support, many felt as though they were navigating the storm without a compass, and in some instances, feeling constrained rather than empowered. This highlighted the crucial need for an organization that truly stands alongside its members, offering both flexibility and direction.

GOYA's vision is not just about setting new standards or revamping credentials; it's about reimagining the very fabric of yoga education. We believe in a more fluid, dynamic approach that respects the traditions of yoga while also being receptive to contemporary insights and methodologies. Our goal is to foster a space where each voice not only resonates but holds intrinsic worth. 

In essence, GOYA is not just a response to what was lacking, but a proactive step towards shaping an inclusive and adaptable future for yoga education.

GOYA Certified Yoga Teachers are Elevating

Yoga, Inspiring Tomorrow.

Becoming a GOYA member as a Certified Yoga Teacher™ is revolutionizing the landscape of yoga education. By aligning with GOYA's values and standards, teachers are ushered into a community that prioritizes holistic learning, continual growth, and the upholding of yoga's rich traditions. Our commitment to fostering a vibrant, inclusive, and innovative space for teachers ensures that they are equipped with cutting-edge resources and a global network of peers. This not only amplifies their individual teaching potential, but also collectively raises the bar for yoga teaching worldwide.

In this pivotal moment of change, GOYA members are leading the charge for change. GOYA not only acknowledges but celebrates the unique voice and specific needs of each member, understanding that diversity and individuality are crucial in shaping a more inclusive and effective yoga teaching landscape. By fostering a space where every teacher’s perspective is valued, GOYA ensures that the ancient practice of yoga continues to evolve and adapt, remaining relevant and accessible to all.


Who Regulates Yoga?

The simple answer is, no one. It's crucial for everyone to understand that there is no single governing body for yoga standards and credentials. Not GOYA, not Yoga Alliance, not Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, and not any other body which may claim they are. Historically, the yoga community has often gravitated towards the most visible entity, often not fully aware that these affiliations were optional rather than required. And that in doing so, we inadvertently sustained a singular narrative, for too long.

Today, we turn the page. Your voice and action can craft a fresh narrative. We're moving towards a more inclusive and varied perspective on yoga governance, expanding our horizons and redefining our collective journey.

GOYA Certified Yoga Schools Represent

the Future of Yoga Education.

With GOYA, your school stands on the cusp of unparalleled growth and enrichment. By immersing in an environment that fervently champions inclusivity, adaptability, and the authentic essence of yogic teachings, you're setting the stage for a transformative educational experience. Where some platforms might impose limiting frameworks or lack the depth needed to address the multifaceted world of yoga, 

GOYA emerges with a more holistic approach. It understands the diverse needs of schools, teachers, and students, providing tailored support and resources to ensure every institution can carve its distinct path. By joining GOYA as Certified Yoga School™, schools don't just exist; they thrive, fostering a vibrant community of learners, all the while staying true to the timeless spirit of yoga.

Understanding Your role & Your Value

Conscious Decision-Making Matters

Choosing to become a member with GOYA is an exercise in conscious decision-making, a testament to the sway of your consumer influence within the yoga community. Membership is not merely a transaction; it's an endorsement of GOYA's practices, values, and vision for the future of yoga education. It's saying that your voice plays a pivotal role in sculpting the future of yoga education.

Just as every purchase casts a vote in the broader market, joining GOYA shapes the direction of yoga education, encourages ethical teaching standards, and influences the ethos of the yoga teaching community. By consciously aligning with GOYA, members champion a holistic, inclusive, and innovative approach to yoga education, pushing for inclusive and adaptable standards and greater transparency within the industry. Supporting GOYA also means investing in a community-driven organization, one that is attuned to the evolving needs of its members and the broader yoga community.

In a world where each decision echoes through the fabric of our interconnected community, aligning with GOYA exemplifies a commitment to fostering a brighter, more inclusive future for yoga education.

GOYA Student Yoga Practitioners is Where the Journey Begins and Transformation Happens.

The importance of student yoga practitioners to the GOYA community is multifaceted. You act as a feedback loop, offering crucial insights into teaching methodologies that enhance educational standards. Your varied backgrounds contribute to a diverse learning culture within the community. As potential future teachers and leaders, you are integral to the community's growth and the longevity of its teachings. Students promote cultural exchange and foster a holistic understanding of yoga through their diverse experiences. Students are catalysts for innovation, challenging traditional norms and integrating modernity with ancient practices. 

By contributing to GOYA’s global community, you aid in spreading yoga's reach across cultures. Your commitment to service, outreach, and wellness exemplifies GOYA’s ethos, inspiring broader social and personal transformation. Collectively, students strengthen GOYA's voice, empowering it to advocate effectively for the integrity of yoga education and practice. Student practitioners are the pulse of the GOYA community, actively shaping its present and carving out its future trajectory.

Switching Made Simple

Already a member of another organization?

Are you a current Teacher or School member of another organization? If you're an active member of Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Alliance International, Yoga Australia, Canadian Yoga Alliance or any other Association, your credentials will be recognized and grandfathered by GOYA. This means you won't need to submit your educational requirements and training hours upon registration, as we'll consider them as already met.

Once you register, you will start transitioning towards meeting GOYA’s membership credentials and upholding our maintenance requirements. However, it is important to note that these obligations will become applicable starting from your second year of membership. In the interim, you are exempt from these requirements, allowing you time to familiarize yourself with our standards and commitments. This ensures that as an active and cherished member of our community, you are fully aligned with our values and practices.

To facilitate your shift from another organization to GOYA, current members of the aforementioned organizations can join us in the first year at reduced fees. We recognize the substantial fees you've already incurred for your active status and aim to make this transition as seamless and affordable as possible.

While you're welcome to maintain your membership with those organizations, it's optional. You hold the power to direct your financial contributions where they genuinely influence change and support your growth as a teachers, schools and practitioners in a global landscape.

Wellness Practitioners are the Heartbeat of GOYA's Holistic Vision.

Wellness Practitioners are champions of a holistic health paradigm.  You advocate a comprehensive health approach that harmonizes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of well-being. By bridging the ancient practices of yoga with the modern health disciplines, Practitioners offer integrative wellness modalities that align with contemporary lifestyles.

Your efforts to make holistic health more accessible and to demystify its practices ensure that GOYA’s reach is extensive and inclusive. Focused on preventative care and sustainable health,
Wellness Practitioners infuse our community with a vitality that propels the community forward, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the holistic health and yoga

Conscious Collaboration

Discover our mindful partners who provide unique advantages and exclusive savings for our community. Your journey with GOYA takes on a deeper, more fulfilling dimension.

Conscious Collaboration

Our mindful partners provide unique advantages and exclusive savings for our community. Together, we can create a more profound and rewarding experience,

Our Members Share

At last, an organization that captures the essence of yoga, moving beyond mere fee collection without substantive offerings.

Anneli Johnson

Yoga Teacher

As a yoga student, I was happy to discover GOYA and the wealth of resources it provides for my personal development.

Jovin Kaur

Student Yoga Practitioner

GOYA is a game changer for schools, offering an escape from excessive fees and ensuring a genuine sense of participation and inclusion.

Sabina Hernadez


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