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Join the GOYA collective as a GOYA-SYP (GOYA - Student Yoga Practitioner) member. While as active teacher training students and yoga practitioners you might not have a stringent set of criteria to adhere to, your presence, passion, and commitment are invaluable to the wider community. You're not just immersing in the learning phase of yoga; you're actively partaking in its evolution and deepening its impact. Your involvement is a testament to the inclusivity and expansiveness of the GOYA vision. By associating with GOYA, you are not just enhancing your individual path, but also contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the global yoga narrative. Every voice, every perspective, is essential. Yours is no exception. Stand with us, and illuminate the world with the enduring light of yoga.

Student Benefits

  • 2 Annual Yoga Conferences: All members enjoy complimentary access to 2 of our annual, online GOYA yoga conferences, held in the Spring and Fall.
  • CommUNITY Connection: Connect with other teachers and schools through our community forum.
  • Monthly Dharma Talk: Every month, we organize a special online, Dharma session exclusively for our members.
  • GOYA Academy: Elevate your journey as an educator by tapping into complimentary offerings at GOYA's online learning academy. Dive into an array of workshops, yoga classes, and beyond.
  • Conscious Collaborator Discounts: All members enjoy exclusive discounts with all of our partners.
  • Featured as a Student: Showcase your student status to a worldwide audience.

GOYA Expectations

  • You possess a compassionate spirit, and even in moments of imperfection, you continuously endeavour to embody kindness, humility, and care for your fellow humans.
  • Uphold the principles of the GOYA Code of Ethics.
  • Uphold the principles of the GOYA Code of Conduct.
  • Participate in community engagement in the broader GOYA community, sharing insights, ideas and more.
  • Remain updated with renewal & compliance.

Empowering Journeys: Celebrating YOGA Practitioners

Student Yoga Practitioners Matter

In essence, student practitioners are the lifeblood of yoga's present and the promise of its future. Their passion, dedication, and continuous exploration ensure that yoga remains relevant, authentic, and ever-evolving. By recognizing and valuing their contribution, we not only honour the core principles of yoga but also ensure its vibrant growth for generations to come.

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A Simple step-by-Step Journey

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A Simple step-by-Step Journey

Navigating Your GOYA Signup

Create Account

Create your account by clicking Register.

Please complete all required fields with accurate details. Information like your name will appear as you provide it.

Choose Designation

Choose the GOYA-SP designation level.

Complete Profile

To enhance your presence on our network, please complete the additional profile questions. A detailed profile offers a deeper insight for viewers and fosters stronger, more meaningful connections.

Pay Fee

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If financial constraints are an issue for you, please contact us. We are committed to ensuring that financial barriers are not exclusionary.

Upon payment of your fee, you'll be officially recognized by GOYA as a Student Practitioner. Thank you for joining the GOYA community.

Investing in Your Yoga Journey

Understand the Costs Associated

At GOYA, we believe in transparency and have provided a detailed breakdown of the financial commitment with a Student Practitioner designation. While there's a small monetary investment, it's vital to see this as a step towards enriching your teaching and broadening your horizons. Your investment is directly channelled towards enhancing resources and tools that benefit every member of our community. By contributing, you're not just supporting your own growth, but also playing a crucial role in elevating the collective experience and opportunities for all members. It's a shared journey of growth and advancement for everyone involved.

Remember, we stand by our commitment to inclusivity; if there are financial constraints, please reach out. We never want finances to be a barrier to dedicated individuals. Let's walk this path together.

Student Yoga Practitioner (SYP)
  • Application Fee: None
  • Annual Fee: $19
  • Upgrade to a Certified Teacher Designation Fee: $15 (one time fee - OPTIONAL)
  • Refund Policy: Payments are final and non-refundable. 

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