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School Benefits

  • Vote: Schools are empowered with the right to vote on proposals, standards, and suggestions, playing an integral role in sculpting the future of our dynamic profession.
  • Business of Yoga Module: Schools are granted access to a comprehensive 5-hour "Business of Yoga" curriculum, tailored for their yoga teacher trainings. Save the hassle of content creation and editing – we've got it covered. This curriculum is designed for online delivery, but is equally effective for group viewings in person. We are committed to keeping this updated annually. Simplify your process with our ready-made content.
  • Private School Community Forum: Empower your school's voice: Create and lead your own complimentary, private school community forum.
  • 2 Annual Yoga Conferences: All members enjoy complimentary access to 2 of our annual, online GOYA yoga conferences, held in the Spring and Fall.
  • Annual WELLness Retreat: All members enjoy complimentary access to our annual, online WELLness Retreat, held late spring.
  • CommUNITY Connection: Connect with other teachers and schools through our community forum.
  • Monthly Yoga Class Scripts: Discover fresh scripts for classes ranging from Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin to Restorative, Prenatal, Children's Yoga, and Meditation.
  • Monthly PlaylistsFind inspiration from fresh playlists curated by our members.
  • Monthly Dharma Talk: Every month, we organize a special online, Dharma session exclusively for our members.
  • GOYA Academy: Elevate your journey as an educator by tapping into complimentary offerings at GOYA's online learning academy. Dive into an array of workshops, yoga classes, and beyond.
  • Conscious Collaborator Discounts: All members enjoy exclusive discounts with all of our partners.
  • Value Add for your Students: All members may provide a discounted registration code to their students to become a member of GOYA.
  • Offer Discounts: All school members may offer exclusive discounts to our membership, through our Conscious Collaborators program.
  • Share Opportunities: List your teaching vacancies on our global platform.
  • Principal Trainer Offerings: Elevate the collective knowledge of the GOYA Academy by contributing your expertise as a Principal Trainer, crafting transformative content, and sharing your wisdom.
  • List Your Events: School members may feature up to 6 events monthly for our global membership to view.
  • Featured as a School: Showcase your school to a worldwide audience.
  • Financial Aid: In especially trying times, unforeseen challenges can arise. Through our GOYA Giving Tree initiative, we've set aside funds to assist in these moments. Members have the privilege to apply to access these funds for themselves or nominate someone they know who's navigating through such adversities. The availability of funds depends on the current balance of our GOYA Giving Tree funding pool, but our commitment remains unwavering in supporting our community through thick and thin.

GOYA Expectations

  • Uphold the principles of the GOYA Code of Ethics.
  • Uphold the principles of the GOYA Code of Conduct.
  • Adherence to GOYA curriculum standards and guidelines set by GOYA for the respective certification level.
  • Participate in community engagement in the broader GOYA community, sharing insights, ideas and more.
  • Maintain transparent communication with both students and the GOYA organization.
  • Remain updated with renewal & compliance.
  • You school possess a compassionate spirit, and even in moments of imperfection, you continuously endeavour to embody kindness, humility, and care for your fellow humans.


Schools Nurture the Seeds of Curiosity

Register as a Certified Yoga School and emerge as a leading institution, amplifying your impact and shaping the future trajectory of yoga instruction. Holding the designation of Certified Yoga School (CYS), understand that you are a crucial part of something much larger than a teaching practice; you are part of a movement that’s redefining and elevating the entire discipline of yoga.
Your dedication and passion are instrumental in sculpting the future of yoga, fostering its growth, and disseminating its profound wisdom throughout the world. Aligning with GOYA not only propels your professional journey forward, but also contributes significantly to the enrichment of the global yoga collective.
Your unique voice, your distinct approach to teaching, has the incredible capacity to motivate, heal, and transmute; it's time to fully embrace and wield this power. By becoming a part of GOYA Certified Yoga School, you stand as a luminary of change, innovation, and inspiration, actively participating in the evolution of yoga for the modern era. Welcome to a community where your contributions matter, and your influence resonates. Join us, and become an integral part of this transformative movement.

Multiple Paths, Diverse Choices

Explore Options Tailored for Yoga Schools

GOYA offers a diverse range of certification tiers tailored for schools, capturing the essence and expansiveness of their yoga teachings. Whether you specialize in foundational training, children's yoga, or meditation disciplines, our differentiated certifications empower schools to showcase their unique prowess and captivate a global audience.

Switching Made Simple

Already a member school of another organization?

Are you a current School member of another organization? If your school is an active member of Yoga Alliance, Yoga Alliance Professionals UK, International Association of Yoga Therapists, or Yoga Alliance International, your current school designation(s) will be recognized and grandfathered by GOYA. This means you won't need to submit a detailed application upon registration, as we'll consider that requirement as already met.

To facilitate your shift from another organization to GOYA, current members of the aforementioned organizations can join us in the first year at a reduced fee of $59. We recognize the substantial fees you've already incurred for your active school status and aim to make this transition as seamless and affordable as possible.

While you're welcome to maintain your membership with those organizations, it's optional. You hold the power to direct your financial contributions where they genuinely influence change and support your growth as a school in a global landscape.

Still have questions?

We're here to help you navigate.

A Simple step-by-Step Journey

Navigating Your GOYA Signup

  • Request Application

  • Complete Application

  • Fee Payment

  • Verification

Request Application

To start the process, please fill out the "Certified School Application Request" form. You'll find this form on the pages detailing each school designation's requirements.

A Simple step-by-Step Journey

Navigating Your GOYA Signup

Request application

To start the process, please fill out the "Certified School Application Request" form. You'll find this form on the pages detailing each school designation's requirements.

Complete Application

Upon receiving your application request, we will tailor a customized application to fit your specific situation. This will arrive within 2 business days of your request.

Pay Fee

Along with your application form, we will also send a request for the initial registration fee payment, which varies based on the number of school designations you're registering.
We can only process applications once payment is confirmed.

 If financial constraints are an issue for you, please contact us. We are committed to ensuring that financial barriers are not exclusionary.


Your part is done.  Now it's our turn! A member of our team (yes, a real human) will evaluate your documents, to ensure their validity. Upon successful verification, you'll be officially recognized by GOYA in your designated role(s). The typical processing time for approval is two business days.


Understand the Costs Associated

Venturing into the realm of yoga education as a school requires dedication, vision, and resources. At GOYA, our commitment to clarity and fairness is reflected in the comprehensive breakdown of the obligations linked with each level of certification. While there is a modest financial aspect to consider, view it as an investment towards refining your institution's offerings and extending your outreach. Every penny you invest goes straight into fortifying resources and tools that uplift every school in our network. Your contribution amplifies not just your school's potential but also elevates the shared experiences and prospects for our entire community. Together, we're building a brighter, more inclusive, future for yoga education.

GOYA Certified School


  • Registration Fee: $99
  • This is a one-time registration fee, followed by an annual fee of $40 for each school designation. However, we've set a financial ceiling: annual fees will never exceed $240. In essence, schools only pay for up to 6 school designations annually. Any additional designations beyond that come at no extra cost.
  • Refund Policy: Payments are final and non-refundable. 
GOYA Certified School


  • Annual Fee: $40
  • This is an annual fee of $40 for each school designation. However, we've set a financial ceiling: annual fees will never exceed $240. In essence, schools only pay for up to 6 school designations annually. Any additional designations beyond that come at no extra cost.
  • Refund Policy: Payments are final and non-refundable. 

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